Customer Win/Loss Interviews

Interviews by Security Experts

Interviewing customers who chose your solution over competing offerings and vice versa yields incredible insights. Unfortunately, most security vendors don’t bother doing them, and those that do don’t always do them well.

There are so many benefits to conducting both customer win and loss calls, including:

  • Identify missing product features that impact revenue most negatively
  • Uncover potential problems during the selling process
  • Learn why these customers rejected your offering and comparable offerings of your competitors
  • Learn what’s most important to your customers to validate, or prompt you to alter, your product messaging
  • Educate your sales force about which value propositions resonate the most

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing customer win-loss interviews to a reputable vendor include:

  • Customers are more likely to participate, as there’s no fear of a hidden sales call.
  • Loss customers are more likely to speak to a third-party market research agency than the vendor they rejected, as they may fear the rejected vendor might try to change their minds.
  • Loss customers are more likely to be “brutally honest” about the vendor they rejected when speaking with an independent third party.
  • Working with an experienced competitive analysis vendor may uncover more insights, as they may pose questions you never thought to ask.

The CyberEdge Advantage

  • 100% dedicated to serving IT security vendors
  • Completely accurate, unbiased competitive intelligence
  • Customer interviewers who aren’t afraid to go “off script”
  • Fully customized competitor battlecards that align with your preferences
  • Comprehensive competitive analysis service offerings
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Webinar: Strategies for Conducting Successful Customer Win/Loss Interviews

Whether your intention is to conduct customer win/loss interviews in-house or to outsource them, this webinar is for you.

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