Case Studies

Content derived from interviewing customers for named and/or anonymous customer case studies.

Simply put, there are two types of customer case studies – those that are “meaty” and those that are not. We specialize in the former.

Too many contractors lack technical foundations and industry expertise, rendering their customer case studies without substance. Sure, they’ll provide a nice background about the customer and describe the basics of their challenges, solution, and results, but too often these case studies lack technical insights that your prospects would find helpful. Fortunately, CyberEdge is different.

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Deeper Technical Insights

CyberEdge’s veteran product marketing consultants have developed content for cybersecurity vendor marketing teams across all industry segments. They all have extensive experience writing about technology, and they have foundational knowledge of all industry segments, including network security, endpoint security, cloud security, identity and access management, security operations, and more.

When interviewing your customers, our consultants frequently go “off script,” asking intricate questions about client challenges and how they’ve implemented your company’s solution. The deeper level of substance in CyberEdge customer case studies is second to none.

Minimal Ramp-up Time

Our expert consults require little ramp-up time. They’re coming into your engagement with foundational knowledge of your cybersecurity industry segment. They just need to be oriented to your company’s unique value proposition.

Right the First Time

A common frustration cybersecurity vendors often have when working with non-technical contractors is lengthy and painful review cycles. In some cases, they make so many edits that it would have been easier to write the customer case study in-house in the first place! With CyberEdge, your review cycles will be quick and easy. As our consultants already have technical foundations and extensive industry experience, edits are typically minimal.

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“Over the years, Tenable has worked with several CyberEdge consultants for content development, custom research, competitive analysis, customer webinars, and multimedia. I’m consistently pleased with CyberEdge’s results. It’s rare to find a vendor with such deep bench strength.”

~ Ron Gula, Co-Founder & CEO, Tenable

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