Analyst Reports

Credible Independent Analysis

Sponsoring a CyberEdge analyst report provides objective, third-party validation of topics pertaining to your company’s product category and/or product strategy, or it simply educates your customers about relevant topics of the day. Regardless of the subject, there are many reasons why tech vendors sponsor CyberEdge analyst reports, including:

  • Demonstrating thought leadership in your industry
  • Generating new, and nurturing existing, top-of-funnel leads
  • Validating the need for your product category
  • Conveying the need for your product’s competitive advantages

Licensing analyst reports from Gartner, Forrester, and other major IT analyst firms is great, but it’s also expensive. And sometimes only part of a relevant report applies to your company’s primary line of business.

Sponsoring a CyberEdge analyst report costs a fraction of what you’d spend with Gartner or Forrester and typically achieves a much higher return on your marketing investment. Although all CyberEdge analyst reports are vendor-agnostic, and never favor one vendor over another, as the sponsor of the report, you determine the report’s title and topics to be addressed. This way, your licensed analyst report will always hit the mark.

The CyberEdge Advantage

  • 100% dedicated to serving IT security vendors
  • Research reports created by cybersecurity subject matter experts
  • Data quality and analysis that is truly second to none
  • Broad geographic reach beyond any other research provider
  • High-quality IT security leads from organizations with 500+ employees
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“I’ve worked with CyberEdge since it was founded. Over the years, I’ve relied on CyberEdge for custom books and eBooks, white papers, competitive analysis, custom research, and messaging development. I’ve never encountered a marketing firm with so much expertise. CyberEdge is more than a vendor to me – they’re a strategic marketing partner.”
John Vecchi
Veteran Cybersecurity CMO