An Audible Work of Art

People learn in different ways. Some are visual learners. Some learn by reading. And others learn by listening. Audiobooks are great for the latter.

After you’ve created your Definitive Guide™ or custom book and eBook, CyberEdge can help transform your masterpiece into an audible work of art. All you need to do is select the male or female voice-over talent from several options and then we’ll do the rest. We’ll even provide you with a figures supplement (PDF file) so your audiobook listeners can view graphical figures as they listen.

Once your audiobook is completed, you can upload it to,, or any other online audiobook site for your customers and prospects to enjoy.

View Our Portfolio

Listen to audiobook samples and view sample figure supplements in the Audiobook section of our portfolio.

The CyberEdge Advantage

  • 100% dedicated to serving IT security vendors
  • Considerably more cost-effective than traditional publishers
  • Manuscripts written by cybersecurity subject matter experts
  • Option to author the manuscript yourself using in-house resources
  • Perpetual eBook license with every book and eBook
  • Book / eBook title exclusivity for a minimum of two years
  • Ability to repurpose manuscript content for white papers and blogs
  • Option to create books and eBooks in non-English languages
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Webinar: Exploring Custom Book & EBook Alternatives

Take a quick tour of CyberEdge's publishing services, including Definitive Guides, custom books and eBooks, and audiobooks.

“Given how different CyberEdge is from traditional publishers, going with CyberEdge for our custom book and eBook was an easy choice. CyberEdge’s managing consultant kept our project on track, interfacing with a manuscript editor and graphic designer behind the scenes, and completed everything on time and on budget. What more can you ask for?”
Greg Barrette
Veteran Cybersecurity Marketing Executive