Top 10 Ideas for Marketing Team Building Events

If you're noticing lowered spirits during office hours or remote meetings, it might be a sign that it's time for a team outing. To bring fun and unity to the workplace, consider activities that cater to both remote and in-person team dynamics. Team events are not just entertaining; they're crucial for strengthening bonds and allowing team members to engage with one another beyond daily work tasks.

Virtual Team Building Activities

1. Virtual Escape Room
Bring mystery and thrill to your workers with a virtual escape room. These activities are facilitated through platforms that specialize in remote team-building exercises, such as TeamBuilding, Elevent, and The Escape Game. These platforms offer a host of scenarios where teams can work together to solve puzzles within a set time limit, encouraging teamwork and problem-solving skills.

2. Painting Class
Let your team members unwind, catch up over a personal choice of beverage, and express their creativity. Services like Paint and Sip Studio offer virtual classes where materials are sent to each participant's home in advance and a live instructor will provide step-by-step painting instructions in an entertaining environment.

3. Trivia Challenge
Who’s up for some friendly competition as individuals vie for the coveted title of Trivia Champion? Playing online trivia is a fantastic way for teams to engage in friendly competition and enhance team bonding. The platforms TeamBuilding, Elevent, and Big Quiz Thing all offer hosted virtual trivia events.

4. Bingo!
Who hasn’t dreamed of yelling “Bingo!” triumphantly! Organizing a Virtual Bingo Night is an excellent and fun remote team-building activity that brings everyone together. To make it even more engaging, consider adding prizes for the winners, whether it’s company swag, gift cards, or an extra day off. The platforms TeamBuilding and Elevent both offer hosted Bingo! events.

5. The “Suddenly Story”
Spin fantastic yarns, tell amazing stories, and challenge each player to stump the person next to them. The Suddenly Story is a fun game that will spark creativity and build listening and improvisational skills. One member starts the story, and each person adds three sentences before passing it on with a "suddenly" to introduce a twist. The story continues until it reaches the last participant, who will conclude the story.

In-person Team Building Activities

6. Escape Room
Cracking the code when truly locked in begs the question – will the team be able to escape in time? Escape rooms are perfect for marketing teams as they require problem-solving, teamwork, and quick thinking—skills that are essential in marketing.

7. Bowling
Escape from the office routine and “hit the lanes.” A casual outing to a local bowling alley is a lighthearted activity that is an excellent opportunity to see each other outside of work while engaging in some friendly competition. This event doesn't need much planning other than booking lanes and perhaps arranging for food and drinks.

8. Volunteer
Giving time to support a good cause isn’t just good for the soul; it’s also an excellent way for team members to bond. For a fulfilling team-building experience, organize a day of volunteering and contributing to a cause that aligns with your company’s values. Try to find a cause that’s just the right fit.

9. Potluck Lunch
Here’s an easy to arrange event where culinary creations are the stars of the show and team spirit is the secret ingredient. Set aside an afternoon for a potluck lunch and encourage team members to bring in their favorite dishes. Sharing food fosters camaraderie and provides an opportunity for everyone to connect over a meal.

10. Professional Development Retreats
Everyone can benefit from a fresh perspective. Plan a retreat that combines professional workshops with leisure activities. You can schedule sessions on the latest marketing trends, followed by group activities like hiking or yoga.


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