12 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Next White Paper

CyberEdge is a white paper factory. We’ve ghost-written more business and technical white papers than our top five competitors – combined.

So, let us share our experience with you by listing 10 important questions to ask before starting your next white paper project:

  1. What is the subject and what key topics should be covered?
  2. At what stage of the selling process will you use this white paper? Is it more of a top-of-funnel (i.e., awareness stage) or mid-funnel (i.e., consideration stage) content asset?
  3. Who is the audience? Are they decision makers, practitioners, or both? And in what countries and industries are they based?
  4. How would you describe the tone of this white paper? Is it more formal/educational or more casual/conversational? Is it permissible to inject humor?
  5. What, if any, assumptions are we making about the reader? Shall we assume they’re already familiar with the underlying topics and/or technologies being discussed?
  6. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being highest, how technical should this white paper be?
  7. Is this white paper vendor-agnostic or vendor-specific? If the latter, which products and/or services should be referenced?
  8. What is the call-to-action at the end of the white paper?
  9. Are there any diagrams, illustrations, or other graphical elements that should be inserted into the white paper and referenced as figures?
  10. How many pages of content (assuming 400-425 words per page) are needed to satisfy the objectives of this white paper?
  11. Who will review drafts of this white paper? And how much time will they need to review the content outline, first draft, and second draft?
  12. Is there a target completion date for the white paper before it goes to layout?

If you’re working with an outside marketing contractor or freelancer, they may ask you whether your company has a writing style guide and message map that they should follow. They may also ask for internal subject matter experts to confer with.

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